Sailboat Pop-Up Shop: Time to Dream Again


It’s time to dream again and we’re welcoming anyone who desires to rekindle their own dreams to join us in creating that freedom.

Ocean & Sea is seeking help from dreamers across the world to build a sailboat—with a twist. This sailboat will be landlocked. It will function as a mobile Ocean & Sea pop-up shop through which we will sell our clothing, prints, accessories and lifestyle goods.

We’re raising funds through our Kickstarter Project—click here to view.

We think on some level we can all relate to the purity of dreams as a child. Yet, as Peter Pan warned us—somewhere along the way we grow up and forget about our dreams.

Through our sailboat we will sail to schools, universities, festivals and dock street side; invoking people to pursue their own dreams. Through interactive art workshops, partnerships with strategic non-for-profits and giving back to local communities through our array of sea-worthy goods, we hope to continue inspiring for generations to come.

Ocean & Sea welcomes you aboard. Check out our exclusive Kickstarter incentives below and considering sailing into the unknown, dreams await in the journeys ahead. From all of us at Ocean & Sea, we thank you for your incredible generosity. We hope to see you soon on the road!



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