Ocean & Sea Awarded a National Gold ADDY


It was a long year for Ocean & Sea. The American Advertising Federation recently recognized our hard work in 2014 with a National Gold Addy from the Daydreams Project book. This award comes as both a delightful surprise and an encouragement for us to continue the journey we’ve embarked upon. We specifically want to thank our local AAF club in Kansas City; their support and generosity is not overlooked. Congratulations to our friends from KC who also won golds (Whiskey Design, Design Ranch, BicMedia, Bazillion PicturesVML and Hallmark).

Along with our successes, we’re reminded of our failures and how important they are—we’d argue that they’re far more critical than any personal success.

The beautiful outcome of failure is its freeing power to release yourself from a bondage of fear. The fear of failing is the best way to fail in the long run and it is not healthy for sustained growth. Living in creative freedom is the most effective way to have a long and fruitful career, no matter what you do. Life is a marathon, not a race. We owe it to ourselves to enjoy life in the midst of hard work.

Ocean & Sea’s #1 goal is to inspire. Not solely for our personal gain but for the simple desire of seeing the dreams in others around us flourish into reality. Maybe it’s because our story as a company—and as a family—has not always gone according to plan (the good and bad). We understand on a deep personal level what it takes to make your dreams a reality—the sacrifices are significant. For every success we’ve accomplished, we leave numerous mistakes in its shadow. But make no mistake, it’s worth the journey.

We strive to see the dreams of others realized, even if it’s through a simple smile from a Daydream or productOur happiness is in the journey; the mistakes, the successes and those that surround us with joy. We may not live for awards, but we’ll take this Gold Addy with a smile.

The Daydream Book Display (built by H Three KC)

Team Zissou from The Daydreams Project Book

Special thanks to Caryl O’Shaughnessy (2nd Mate & Brendan’s wonderful mother) and Morgan Stockton (3rd Mate) for their contributions in the project.


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